"I’ll marry a man who knows how I take my tea, coffee, and alcohol
And knows when to make which."
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I’m really fucking sick of boys being weirded out by girls who don’t shave/don’t shave every day. Grow the fuck up and worry about something important like your shitty attitude towards women.

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Me: take an immediate right and then a left down f as in fox.
Customer: B as in boy?
Me: an immediate right and then a left on f as in fox. You can park anywhere on f as in fox.
(Customer pulls forward and drives down H; reverses all the way to the booth)
Customer’s husband: My wife didn’t hear you, where are we going?
Me: take a left on the row f as in fox, Ferdinand, fable…
Customer’s husband: oh okay thank you
(Customer proceeds to take a right turn on f. Two shuttles are looking for them on the lot. Wife gets out and comes up to me at the booth)
Customer: you told us to take a right on fox!
Me: left on fox.
Customer: there were no spots!!
Me: did you go to the end?
Customer: Well…. No. But I should not have to (stomps foot and storms off like a toddler)
Me: …. The shuttles are looking for you on fox. Park on golf.
Customer: UGH
Me (internally): UGH